Here you will see all possible modifications


  • It is used to change the messages sent to the players.
  • You can make a nice decoration
Prefix: '&8&l[&d&lSquid&b&lGame&8&l]&7'


As its name indicates, it is how long it takes to start the game, when there are enough people or someone with permission to force start the game, there will be a cooldown 10 is the default cooldown but can be modified as desired.


As its name indicates, it is the time it takes to finish the game, but it is not the cooldown while the game is in play, it is the cooldown when the game is over and the winners are already being seen.


This is the scoreboard that is displayed when you are not in game and while you are, it can be disabled by setting the Socoreboard.enable path to false.
This scoreboard is while one is not in the game.
This scoreboard is displayed while one is in play.
The path update defines how often the scoreboard is updated, by default it is 1 second, 1 second = 20 ticks.
20 ticks = 1 second


This is what is given to the winner of the game, in this case the console executes the commands that are in that list!
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